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Many people are unaware of the great upheaval that the kitchen knife industry has undergone in the last decade.

Needless to say, it has completely changed the landscape for buying cutlery.

Applying the tips above to a set of different budget tiers yields some real bargains.

Most of the knives on this list are known more for their quality among professional chefs than for their name recognition and corporate marketing budget.

Or, worse yet, you might buy expensive knives in the hope that they will be sharper than an inexpensive set. Buying a new set of sharp knives and then keeping them sharp will put you way ahead of the game -- regardless of how much your knives cost. And yet, other than making vague marketing statements about "high carbon content", most manufacturers do not advertise the makeup of their steel.

This can lead to a costly mistake for the consumer -- purchasing knives made from inferior steel.

Some cooks will tell you that you can't buy kitchen knives on a budget. One of the first mistakes people make when buying a set of knives is to go out and get the largest set they can. But for the rest of us, we can get by with a small number of high-quality knives.

"Why buy the 14 piece set when you can get the 21 piece set for just more? Buying three good quality knives instead of a 14-piece set with lots of "filler" can save you more than fifty percent.

That way, you get exactly the knives you want and don't pay extra for knives you don't need.

Add in unsubstantiated marketing claims, shady salespeople peddling hard-to-recognize brand names, and buying a knife can end up resembling buying a used car.

The good news is that a short list of expert tips can help you get educated in a hurry.

Choosing knives is one of the most important decisions an avid cook can make.

Knives are among the most used tools in the kitchen, but can also be some of the most mysterious for buyers.

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