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This arrangement did not last long because Carly and Robin constantly argued. He also followed Sonny's order to keep watch over Sonny's sister, Courtney Matthews, who was married to A. Jason and Courtney developed feelings for one another, and once they were both free, they started dating in secret because they feared Sonny would not approve.

Meanwhile, Jason was arrested with back-from-the-dead Brenda Barrett for killing Luis Alcazar.

Date of birth was September 14, 1981 Year of birth was changed to 1974 in 1990 Presumed dead on October 19, 2012, after he was shot by Cesar Faison (disguised as Duke Lavery) and fell into the harbor Revealed to be alive and in a cryogenic state on March 4, 2014 Revived from cryogenic stasis on August 12, 2014 Undercover work for Police Commissioner Kyle Sloane inside the Jerome organization (as Jake Doe) Bartender at the Metro Court (as Jake Doe) Handyman (as Jake Doe) Assassin for Helena Cassadine (as Jake Doe) Enforcer for the Corinthos organization Coffee importer (owns half of Corinthos Coffee) 1420 Quartz Lane, Port Charles, NY 16543, New York (Metro Court, room 1105) Formerly 1420 Quartz Lane, Port Charles, NY 16543, New York (Metro Court, room 749) Formerly 458 Lexington Avenue, Port Charles, NY Formerly Creighton-Clark Clinic Room 307 in Scarsdale, New York (held by Victor Cassadine) Formerly a clinic in Lucerne, Switzerland Formerly 122 Harbor View Drive, Port Charles, New York (Harbor View Towers, penthouse #2) Formerly Jake's Formerly 860 Birch Tree Lane, Port Charles, New York (Brenda's cottage) Brenda Barrett (annulled) Courtney Matthews (divorced; deceased) Hayden Barnes (as Jake Doe; was falsely led to believe he was married to Hayden while he experienced amnesia) Samantha Mc Call [Married: Sep 22, 2011 to Apr 2016] Alan Quartermaine Sr.

(father; deceased) Susan Moore (biological mother; deceased) Monica Bard (adoptive mother) Alan Quartermaine Jr.

The longtime bickering friends married so they wouldn't have to testify against each other.

Unbeknownst to Jason, Courtney discovered she was pregnant.

[Oct 2012] Suffered permanent brain damage following an accident when his brother, A.

J., was driving drunk [Dec 1995] Shot by Moreno's men when their mob meeting went wrong [Nov 30, 1999] Injured in a car accident with Courtney while headed to tell Sonny about their relationship [Feb 5, 2003] Shot by an FBI agent [Feb 8, 2005] Began suffering severe headaches after taking an experimental drug [2005] Began suffering extreme seizures as a side effect of the drug and required surgery [2005] Shot while attempting to rescue Samantha Mc Call from Manny Ruiz [Jul 4, 2006] Shot by police [Nov 17, 2006] Injured his hands while rescuing Elizabeth from Diego Alcazar [Mar 2008] Suffered a bout of Asian flu [Jun 2008] Suffered a bullet graze to his arm [Jan 2009] Shot in the shoulder by Sam Mc Call during the hospital biotoxin crisis [Feb 2009] Developed an infection after Jerry Jacks shot him and trapped Jason underneath the rubble of an abandoned church [Aug 2009] Suffered a head injury after a car accident [Aug 2011] Underwent brain surgery to remove a piece of dashboard from his 1995 car accident with A. [Aug 2011] Drugged and trapped in a room by Franco and forced to watch Franco sexually assault Sam [Nov 2011] Knocked unconscious after running into Michael while on his motorcycle [Dec 2011] Passed out in the hospital corridor [Jan 2012] Diagnosed with brain swelling [Jan 2012] Underwent surgery to relieve swelling in his brain [Feb 2012] Experienced a fever after being exposed to the toxin Jerry Jacks had placed in the water supply [Sep 2012] Shot in the leg by Dr.

Jason suspected that Sonny's half-brother, Ric Lansing, had taken her, but it was months before Jason obtained proof that Ric had Carly.

By that time, Luis Alcazar's brother, Lorenzo, had kidnapped her.

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