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There are many challenges for people born with intersex traits.

Governments generally only accept and are aware of two sexes and ignore the existence of intersex people.

"When I turned seven, I started noticing that I did not look like other people.

Women would dash away and point their fingers at me in the bath house. I fought with other kids, played football," Haris remembers.

Needless to say that it was a totally outstanding event in the small town.

The parents decided to register their child as a girl.

Most intersex people are healthy, and only a very small percentage may have medical conditions, which might be life-threatening, if not treated. Gender is one’s identity of being male, female, non-binary, and the many other gender identities we have come to be more aware of. Sex refers to your biology, the body you are born into, which is where the term intersex fits. I am intersex so I could tell you what it’s like for me but as with everything else in this world, while there are patterns in the experiences of intersex people, it would be wrong to make generalizations based on my life alone. It is not ‘abnormal.’ It is not a ‘defect.’ As with everything else is the world, variation is beautiful and a great part of life. These narrow definitions affect everyone and it is in everyone’s benefit that they expand to represent reality.

The child was suffering from such a horrible physical defect, but there was no adequate medical specialist in the neighborhood.

I cut my hair short, we gave away my women's clothes to our neighbors.

Finally, I told everybody that my new name was Haris. I got the true men's profession too - I drove a tractor." Young widow Nurgalam Gilmetdinova moved to Haris's town soon after that.

Those countries taking part in this year's Winter Olympics in South Korea are free to do so.

Russia is not because the athletes have been arbitrarily banned. Who would want to celebrate the Olympics in a country where dogs are tortured to death then consumed in an orgy of butchery?

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